Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More random than Lady Sov

Why do you think of so much stupid shit when you are training. At least an Ipod cuts out the stream of consciousness brain ramble.
Why do I shave my legs at least twice as much as I shave my face.
Why do I revel in Tom Daneilson's disasters?
NY Velocity did another great interview, this time with Paul Kimmage. He at least keeps the doping debate interesting. Phil and Paul get ether'd about half way through.

Not too much cool Flanders tech, but this is the first cool perk of electric shifting I have seen.
This chain watcher is tight.

Amborsia rims rule

Quote of the week(thus far) comes from Robert Kaplan's book "hog pilots,blue water grunts". It is from retired British colonel Cross,"You can't fight properly until you know that you are going to die anyway. That's extreme, but that's the gold standard". His other point that "It's about the giving 'of one's best when the audience is smallest". Hard truths from hard men.

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