Saturday, April 11, 2009

Roubaix 2001 - a classic classic

This was a classic Roubaix for many reasons. First off weather. Rain to sun left some mud caked warriors battling. Second it was billed as a Mapei vs Domo showdown. Belguim vs Italy. Obviously this clip highlights the agony that is Hincapie in Roubaix. Domo (Dope-O?) dominates. Thankfully Roman Vainsteins and his horrible rat tail have been lost to the pages of history. Knaven is still at it and racing for Milram this year.
Chris Peers(one of the Cofidis Pot-Belge maniacs) riding helmet-less. Along with Mattan in some mud soaked winter cap??? Must be the drugs.
Wilifrid Peters-the uber hardman. His solo attack and riding til he puked.
Ludo Dierckxsens-2001 funky pink Rudy Project helmet? Another harder than hardman.
It was also Ballerini's last race. And he went out with the right sentiment

Merci Roubaix indeed.

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