Thursday, April 15, 2010

Burzum Belus

Why bother talking about this? The controversial angle is articulated well here. The opposing view is summed up here. To me Burzum were more hype than success. They pointed the way for a lot of sick black metal, but never really pulled it off that well themselves. The crimes and polemics kept it interesting when the music was reduced to embarrassing ambient keyboard exercises with pseudo classical pretensions. Just like a lot of people, I was curious what this post prison Burzum record would sound like. Initial rumours and reports said "a return" to black metal roots. I was skeptical, but took the plunge none the less.
The opening intro track did not get my hopes up-pretty much a Bathory rip. The first few songs are good black metal jammers. Influenced it seems by many who came after. Competent, but not jaw dropping. Until track 5. Holy shit, some real blackened thrash. Not unlike the new Old Wainds. Next track up is solid as well. I wouldn't place this as a "must hear" or essential, but it does live up to the hype.
In the end, music doesn't determine my politics or philosophy. Varg is like a Glenn Beck who pushes illogical stances to their logical conclusion and thinks its consistent and rational. So when it comes to thinking, I am with Laina, but when it comes to rocking I got no issues with Varg.

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Anonymous said...

I like some idiot music, too like AC/DC and Pantera. But I drew the line at Skrewdriver and I'm drawing the line at this idiot. Plus his music is closer to Abba than evil.

- d