Wednesday, April 14, 2010

logos that rule seven that leap to mind

Logos run our lives. Signify, Identify, etc. Was bugging out on how many "homages", odes, and rip offs there are of the Black Flag bars. Got me running down a bunch of my favorites.....

1.Black Flag The Bars. The best.

2.SSD. I barely even like them, but this logo which is really just their name seems to pave the way for the collegiate youth crew graphic antics that would follow and be more popular.

3. Void. The upright and upside down crosses. So good.

4.Darkthrone. True Northern Darkness. You can pick your blueprint band, but there is no denying the influence of the black metal logo.

5. Tie. Crass and Bad Religion. Easy to draw and easy to understand.

6.Speaking of easy to draw. Love them or hate them, you probably drew this on something....

7. NYHC. Whatever localized version you drew on your bookcovers, no matter how goofy, was less embarrassing than Anthrax trying to copyright this.

8.Impulse Records

This was music focused but lets not forget some other classics....

More to come. What makes a classic? What did I miss? What are you favorites?

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Billy said...

AC/DC, Powell Ripper,Santa Cruz screaming hand, there are a ton of great old skate logos.