Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hails to Ronnie James Dio

Had Ronnie James Dio pop up in a couple unexpected spots recently and thought I owe him a hearty "Get Well"! and a thanks for all the tunes over the years.
1. Reading Spray Paint the Walls-a recommended biography of Black Flag. This passage comes up. A young Mark Arm is interviewing Black Flag in 1983. He asks what they have been listening to and the all say Dio. "...And I didn't know who Dio was so I asked what is that? And Greg Ginn explained, 'It's Italian for God". Amen

2.Log on to facebook this morning and see this.

67 years old? He was just out on tour with Heaven and Hell (aka Black Sabbath)
Get well soon.

Get the Black Flag book and crank some Dio

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