Monday, April 12, 2010

DC Weekend

Went down to DC for the weekend. I have mixed feelings about this place since the city has changed so much since I went there. Georgetown is like a bigger version of Harvard Square-all chain stores. Most of the cool shops gone. They even moved the Hagen Daaz. The HD that Henry Rollins managed should be a fucking historical landmark. I think all cities change-Boston has definitely, but you don't notice it as much when you are living there. Go away for 15 years and come back-then you will see how much things change.

Went to this shop Crooked Beat for the 1st time. Up in Adams Morgan. In the original buiding for Madame's Organ. AKA DC Hardcore history! BAD FUCKING BRAINS. In case you didn't think it was history, how do you explain the tour of DC podcast? Nostalgia, it is a real pain in the ass.
Rad shop. Picked up a BubblePuppy 45. They were playing the Warmers 1st LP in the background. Thought for a minute it was a new Chris Thompson project. Didn't really like that record when it came out, but I will be digging it back out now. Rad Tune.
Smash Records is still the same, and a couple doors down.
Nothing will every replace Vinyl Ink for me-even if it wasn't in the city.

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Anonymous said...

I moved to DC from a small Texas town. All I heard was how I was going to hate it, crime was horrible , blah f'ng blah. I knew maybe two people that had heard of Bad Brains or Fugazi, and those two skated as well so they had at least seen Pulaski/Freedom Plaza.

That town was my mecca... still is.

I spent 3 years there just freaking out on everything, loving every minute of it.

In the end we grew up, had kids, moved back to Texas for the quality of education. We'll go back for sure one day with kiddos in tow and I'll subject them to my own version of the DC Hardcore History tour.

oh, and don't even get me started on East Coast vert scene.

Blog is killing it dude!