Friday, June 29, 2007

Best Cyling Tips

Open any cycling magazine or book and you will be confronted with tips and opinions on how to do better. Bicyling seemed to devolve into a series of lists for a coupl years. These are all things I have either read or seen, but tested for myself and they have all paid off.

1.Wrap a foot or so of electrical tape around a tire lever. Takes up no space and is a big help in a pinch. A variation is to wrap extra tape over the end of your bar tape in case you need it.
2. Carry a presta/shraeder adaptor in your bag. Not a recommended way to inflate a bike tire, but good to have when all else fails and all that is around is a gas station.
3. Keep a photo copy of your race license inside your handlebars. 5 bucks doesn't hurt either.
4. Keep an old pair of shoes and an old helmet in your trunk in case your memory fails. Works as long as you haven't switched pedals. A gallon of water in the trunk is never a bad idea either. When you need it, you won't care how warm it is....
5. If you are wearing booties over you shoes and you start to overheat. Reach down and flip the toe piece up and over the front of your shoe. Looks like the Iron Sheik's boots, but you don't have to stop to cool off and you don't have to stuff the booties somewhere if you take them off.

Best tip of the Classics season was to put griptape on the inside of your bottle cage to keep the bottle in place.

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