Monday, June 25, 2007

Ruth Copeland Hara Krishna Krsna Rock part 20

Ruth Copeland was a Detroit area singer that dropped 2 albums with some help from George Clinton. The Clinton connection is totally unexpected and intriguing. This Invictus 45 is "hara krsna" b/w "no commitment"
"Hara Krishna" is credited to Copeland-Clinton. So even the Mothership has a connection to his Divine Grace! This 45 is from her Self-Portrait LP
Both tracks have a slightly harder than Joni Mitchell feel. Not jazzy, but closer to a heavier country rock. A tougher lady from the canyon perhaps? She was a red hot mama from the few photos I have seen on line(check the"I am What I am" cover photo!) and you can bet I'm looking for those 2 solo albums.

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