Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fix Speed of Twisted Thought CD

The first wave of regional US Hardcore stands as one of the greatest oeuvres of American music. The Fix raged in a no frills fast and furious fashion that recalls more of the No-Core scene of NC. Michigan was a shithole long before Michel Moore brought it to your attention and all the rage of living in a failing nightmare that people are trying to sell you as the American Dream gets distilled into the Fix's go for the throat attack. Only 2 songs clock in at more than 2 minutes. The epic is Signals at 3:37 which starts slower and hints at some Michigan/Midwest moves that Die Kreuzen and Husker would flesh out later. Classic 80s hardcore production gives the guitars a harsh trebly edge. Vocals are somewhere between Dez era Flag and
Releasing only 2 singles and a comp track, Touch and Go have managed to cobble together 24 tracks for this CD. 12 live. 12 studio with 3 outtakes. More music for your money than if you try and track down the 7"S(200 pressed on the 1st. 1000 pressed on the second.)
Liner notes have some crucial nostalgia and observations from Byron Coley,Rollins,Tesco,Thurston,etc. Plus lyrics. Well done. Not super over the top like the Big Boys CDs, but a good read.
I have often said to kids younger than me to grab the Minor Threat and Negative Approach CDs and save the rest of your money cause most of the core that followed was just footnotes on those two bands, but if I gave a top ten this would be in it. The fact that they came, conquered and broke up well before you were born is an added bonus. Essential Fury

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