Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bone Awl Undying Glare 3 song 7"

This one sided 45 kicks off with a burst of trebly feedback that makes you think Unsane more than Burzum. Do you remember dropping the needle on Vandal-X and being knocked the fuck over trying to figure out what was happening? Once the cacophony of drums and vocals kick in you can decipher the atypical Bone Awl pummeling. Hands down one of the best US Black Metal bands. 2nd track straddles the punk/metal line a la most Northern Heritage bands. Production is unique and insane and adds to the chaos. Too odd to be 4-track kult style.
This one sided 7" originally came with the "Not for our Feet" LP from Nuclear War Now Productions and is available again from Klaxon. Get it. LP review to follow. Get stoked.
Graphics are a new twist for BA but fit with their unique motif. I am sure some research would give an excellent background to what appears to be some Nazi-Eskimo.
I love these guys.


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