Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ice Cream Cobra

"Moreover, I have not fattened up one gram because when it is hot I don't have hunger, I have only ice cream and cold drinks."

A lot of people hate Riccardo Ricco cause he runs his mouth like Simoni on too many espressos. I have always found that amusing, he is 24. You can' expect much sensible to come out of a twenty four year olds mouth, but with the above quote he has pushed even me too far He eats only ice cream and doesn't get fat?? Fuck you, youngster. As you get older and seemingly turn into flab despite you best efforts, comments like this make you want to run anyone under 30 into the curb.
But maybe I am looking at this the wrong way. If ice cream and cold drinks keep RR in top form, maybe I need to adopt his training regime. An all ice cream diet shoud make vomitting during intervals that much easier.
It would be interesting to see him at the Tour. I would guess he coud snatch a stage win, but at his age back to back Grand Tours seems like a stretch.
Of course he diplomatically noted on his second Tour ride, 'Last year I was 20th in my first crack at it, so this year, I’m sure things will go even better....” A the melodious sounds of a humble rider.

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