Thursday, June 26, 2008

return of the seatbag

When I first started riding road bikes, I had a giant seat bag that could hold tools,tubes,food, a chance of clothes, etc. I should have zip tied a small Baileyworks bag under there-it would have looked cooler. Overtime and trial and error, I gained confidence. I knew what things I really needed and discovered that on most rides under 60 miles, you could fit all you needed to be self sufficient in your jersey pockets.
I developed a real attitude problem about this. I remember an aborted blog entry about what looked good on a bike frame. "Bottles and a frame pump are acceptable. Period. Seat Packs were a necessary evil and everything else sucked." Was the jist of it.
Well after this spring/summer of mechanical dicontent, I have broken the saddle bag back out on most rides. I am carrying more tubes and tools. Ready for war. I am too busy to have a ride cut short cause I floated out the door without tire levers or allen wrenches. Or with the crucial extra tube in the pocket of a jersey lying on my basement floor. Thanks to my new found ability to make bike malfunction, I have had to learn how to keep them rolling and the seat bag is my ally.
Welcome back.

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