Friday, July 11, 2008


Black Metal and I have a strained relationship. Most of it is garbage, but on the fringes are some amazing records. I am compelled to search through all the junk for the gems. Of these fringe records have a lot more going on than corpse paint and upside down crosses(they also share the ability to push Aquauris Record's reviews into the top echelon of hilarity) . This Krallice record is one of them. Featuring dudes from bands I find unlistenable (Ocrilim,Behold... The Arctopus ,etc), Krallice put together an amazing galloping and shredding black metal record. Sounds good. Vocals are kinda buried. Riffs are catchy. Drumming good.
It is kind of sad when non-black metal dudes are able to drop "side project" records that are better than most of the black metal done by people who focus on nothing else. Some of the guitar tendencies from Ocrililm that made me seasick and want to barf work better in the full band format. Some tempo changes and vocals don't hurt either. Songs are pretty epic and sprawling with all but one over 9 minutes and the remaining song at 6. Beneath, behind, around the buzzing guitars and galloping drums is some additional furious riffing. Some of the guitar work is just insane.
The epic length and predominantly instrumental nature would make it perfect to be the soundtrack to a long drive. I would say a nice early am bike ride, but you might ride of a cliff.

Profound Lore is the label for this gem. And of course they have a myspace page.....

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