Friday, July 11, 2008

TDF Stage 6

Ricco comes through and redeems himself after a bad TT. White jeresy would be a good win for him, if he finishes. He is lucky to have Piepoli at his side all the time. Schumacher gets owned, losing 28 plus seconds in less than 200M. Bad Luck or Karma?
Can Kirchen hold this form for three weeks? Can he survive the big mountains? Very interesting tour. Kirchen and Valverde slug it out while Cadel sits in waiting.

Interesting development on rear derailleurs found at Velonews. If this works, why haven't any of the recently redesigned and improved gruppos adopted it? Did they miss out or is it more micro-percentage improvements like ceramic bearings?

Team Slipstream can't must have an rehydration ice-luge on their bus, cause they can't stay away from anything frozen. Will Frischkorn talks about ferrying bottles and "ice socks" here. Alan Lim is like the uber-nerd running around with fans and cooling devices-desperately seeking watts. Gotta love it.

But what about stage five? Did you forget the sprinters? Cavendish's sprint victory the day before yesterday was a rare one in a week marked by breakaways and GC contedors duking it out. When it comes to brash youngsters, I go with Ricco over the Manx-Express. But the kid is fast! This is a great tour. Fist Cat 1 climbs on Sunday. Followed by a killer stage on Monday. Buckle up, bike nerds.
Remember Hautacom in 2000?

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