Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TT results

Very exciting for a time trial. 1st off Schumacher win??? I am going to avoid comparing Schumi's drunk driving and recreatational drug penalty last year (non-existant) with the over the top sanction that Boonen got. But regardless he was fast.
Valverde takes the L today. He fell to 17th overall and will have to pull back 61 seconds to Evans and 25 seconds to Menchov. Cunego had a better time trial than Valverde! That is reason to worry.
Kirchen came out of the TT as a much greater threat.
Millar rode his ass off and hopefully beating Cancellara will make it worthwhile. With him and Cadel both 21 seconds back it is doubtful Millar can slip into yellow for a spell.
Sastre is also not in a great spot at a 1:23 back. Gonna need some Spanish fireworks in the mountains. Maybe that will force him to attack in the mountains.
Ricco went backwards in the young rider classification, but two of my favories-Lövkvist and Terpesta are in the hunt.
Shimano debuted some electronic TT shifters that look super cool. Gives the rider to spots to shift from.
It appears that Hincapie has someking of genital cooling device aimed at his junk in this picture.
Rumour is that Schumacher was on the German favoire Walser frame not a Specialized, but not conclusive photo evidence.

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