Sunday, July 6, 2008

Random thoughts on humidity, riding, and bike paths

Managed to ride 3 days in a row for the first time since I was brought low by the lyme disease. Nothing epic, but my legs were recovering better than they had in a couple weeks. Hopefully that means I am back on track.
Down on the Cape for the weekend and I find this a really hard place to be motivated to ride. Drivers are worse than Boston. There are also a lot more cars from PA here this year-and they seem to suck more than the NY usual suspects. Go home.
Basically when I am down here, I have 2 choices turn left(up cape) and turn right (down cape). Yesterday was left and today was right. Going right means you can always jump on the bike path. Now I know a cardinal rule for serious cylclists is stay off bike paths, but there is no shame in my game. When it is time to chill or you are trying not to hammer-nothing keeps you in check better than a bike path. So that is my 2 cents on the subject. Amazingly, I am riding back from Orleans and I jump on the bike path near Nickerson. Within 5 minutes, I see 3 riders coming towards me-2 in line, 1 riding in the center. As we approach, middleman makes no attempt to move over. Not a huge deal, but not very polite either. As I pass him I see he is wearing a Quad Cycles jersey. Even here in the middle of Brewster, the Quad curse can strike. Just to be clear, I have no problem with Quad the shop or the Quad racing team, but the club/group ride folks are a notorious/infamous menace. They can simultaneously have 4 riders shoulder to shoulder on Mass Ave (at 16MPH) while the tail of the formation struggles to hold wheels and scream "Single File!!!!". Imagine if their group ride in the shape of a tear drop or sperm cell. It's like the MS ride every weekend and good luck if you get stuck behind them.

So it is some serious swamp weather. Overcast, scattered downpours, and some serious humidity. No sun for how long? Wouldn't mind is this was Oregon, but it's supposed to be summer.
Signs it is humid
1.Clammy chamois-nothing drys. Yesterdays gear is still moist-especially those gloves you balled up in your jersey pocket.
2.That nice moist stank that rises from the pile of gear on the floor(or even worse-jammed in your bag)
3.Soggy potato chips. You know it is bad when chips start to wilt within moments of the bag being opened.

Lastly, my day started right when the first TDF race update I read had Jens attacking at the gun. Don't think he got away, but hopefully that is a sign they will give him the freedom to ride. Last 30K is on VS now. Nice

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