Thursday, August 21, 2008

Keb Darge digs for P&P Records

Keb Darge is a name synonymous with records you can't find or afford. That said, he is also involved in an endless array of CD reissues (funk spectrum, etc). On this one he collects 2 discs and 30 tracks worth of rare funk and disco from the super obscure P&P label (with the slogan "Poor People with Potentiality" amongst other things). Covering the era where 45s gave way to 12"s.
Disc One is mainly the 7" funk. All killer. Good listen from beginning to end. When you are dealing with songs like "solid funk", "mini-skirt", "do the funky donkey","hooker", and "spank me"-you should know what you are in for. Get this on shuffle in your Ipod and you will get the party started
Disc Two is the funk/disco crossroads. Good, but not my cup of tea. The 12" format allows for some extendo jams. Some nice moments, but nothing to make me turn away from disc one. Gut bucket funk. Sold.

My only complaint is the excess of Keb Darge mugshots, not to take anything away from the man or his record collection, but why not plaster label honcho Patrick Arnold all over instead of an aging Englishman? Sour Grapes? Who knows. I would much rather look at photos of Keb's record collection rather than his face.

Kenny Dope also did a comp from this label that highlights it's influence on early hip hop. More details here. You could also try this Danny Krivit CD that focuses more on the 12"s

And is there a DVD about this label? Yes there is

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Anonymous said...

I suspect Keb Barge would feel very annoyed at being described as an Englishman. I hope this is some consolation to you for all those mugshots of a Scotsman.