Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This is a case of the B-side being head and shoulders above the A-Side "It's too late for love" is some slow soul vocal lament. Pretty standard. Would fit in on most oldies or lowrider soul comps. Not really anything too keep your attention.

The B side to this 45 really gets the party started. "The thought of losing your love" is a killer. Sweet vocals, driving bass, some funky organ. Blows the plug side out of the water. Some bugged out Temptations type shit. The dude with the deepest voice owns this track and sounds like he is standing on top of the other dudes.
Worth it for the B-Side.
I was almost ready to put this in the sell pile before I flipped it. Thank god, I showed a little patience. The transition between the 2 sides is like going from The Parliamnets to Funkadelic....ok a little strong, but you get my drift.
Lamp Records. Vanguards were straight outta Indiana and this cool site has the facts on lockdown. They also have a cool connection to the crucial Ebony Rhythm Band

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