Friday, August 22, 2008

Tami Lynn Mojo Hannah 45

Some times hunting great records is hard. You have to squint at dates or producers. You have to guess at what region it's from, but sometimes it's easy. Pretty much anytime you see a song title with "mojo" in it you can grab it and be safe. It's a no-brainer like "funky_____","do the______", or "boogaloo" anything. Just grab it.
Such was the thought process when this gem from Cotillion fell into my lap. "Mojo Hannah" is competent soul funk, but the non-plug flip "One Night of Sin" has a nice southern soul groove. Recorded in 72 it has a nice sultry slow dance groove.
The recording on this is really bright and lively. The bass really stands out.
Grab it if you find it.
Bizarro world cover here
PS Better Record nerds than I have tracked down some interesting history on this track here

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