Sunday, August 1, 2010

CIA "Gods.Guts.Guns, and More" LP

I first heard CIA on the Empty Skulls tape which I mail ordered in the early 80s. They hay day of tape comps, mail order, and raging antisocial hardcore.
I was blown away by CIA and the song Violence which even to this day ranks as a top ten US Hardcore anthem in my book. I mailed off to Inca records to see what I might find out about this band. I remember getting a catalog and a bunch of stickers. I think there is still a Vatican Commandos sticker from this on my desk in the old bedroom at my mom's house. Despite how sick their song was on that comp, I never ordered any of the Inca Records releases. As I watched the prices on those 7"s climb I kicked myself. Even if Lost Generation and Vatican Commandos were never my cup of tea. CIA was always the band that I lusted after. I bought thee "Die Jerry Die" bootleg of CT core 7"s that it was on and found some online blogs to download the jams for my Ipod.
Luckily for all of us, More than a Witness blog is putting out records and this was their fist choice. I mail ordered it immediately. 20 tracks. Side One is the "god,guts, and guns" 7" plus some outtakes. Raging. Reminded me a little of the Freeze which I didn't expect. I Hate the Radio almost hits some early Descendents core territory. 82/83 Hardcore is pretty much timeless and that holds true for these guys.
Side 2 is demos/rehearsals/live. Always in danger of being filler central when you see that. Except when one of hte demos is the Audio West sessions with your jam "Violence". "Gangland War" is the other track from this and it is pretty raging. Any LP collecting the demos and outtakes is going to have some covers and you get a demo of "as tears go by" which is again pretty Descendent-esque. The 3 demos on side 2 are pretty fucking top notch and only one song repeats from the 1st side. All the stuff from 82 seems more pissed and aggressive. They also have the madatory slightly slower song "Free Me" to wrap up the demos. Slow then fast. Works ever time. Pretty Rad. Finishes off with only 2 live tracks one of which is a Sabbath cover. Punk bands pretty much only cover a couple Sabbath tunes and these guys pick Children of the Grave over Paranoid. Probably the fastest version of the song you will hear. The title of the last song "Fuck On" made me think it was an obscure Japanese HC cover, but it is not. Just a final dose of fierce US shredding.
I would have been stoked if this was just the song Violence 20 times in a row, so I was especially happy that it was filled with so many solid tracks.
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Of course they reunited and of course there is footage on youtube

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