Monday, August 2, 2010

Torche "Meandertahl Demos" 10"

Meanderthal was one of my favorite records of 09 so I was curious about this 7 song 10" when I saw it. Expectations were high as was likelihood of disappointment. I guess if I was more on the ball I could have got the cassette version a few years ago, but I am not so here you go. The first seven songs off Meanderthal are here with only one flip flop of the track order. Grenades,Across the Shields, Healer-3 of my favorite songs are all here. No crucial reworks of these songs, but a limited 10" makes it mandatory for nerds. I like the version of Across the Shields more than Healer, cause you can hear 2 distinct singers more. A lot of people can debate alternate mixes (Raw Power, Bringing it Down vs Chunking, etc), but I am not one of them. The songs ruled on Meanderthal and these versions rule too. Torche rule get it if you can.
Amnesian Records is the label.

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