Sunday, August 1, 2010

This vacation kills computers

Not sure why, but every year as my summer vacation approaches, I experience cylling computer malfunctions. Started a longtime ago with a wireless Vetta-battery died in the cadence sensor on day one. Progressed to a Polar that opted to malfunction constantly. This year my Garmin had a whole host of tricks. 1.Battery dead on the cadence sensor. Not the end of the world. 2.Altitude/Elevation developed a fixation with me climbing 10400 feet no matter how long my ride. The fact that I was riding pretty much pan flat seaside roads made this more funny than anything else. 3.The grand finale. HR stopped registering. WTF????? Probably just a battery, but why all the headaches.
Even if I couldn't compulsively track my every data point, I had a sick vacation. Although after 2 weeks of solo base miles, it was nice to hammer with the crew today.
I now have 11 months to figure out the reason why Westport MA kills cycling computers.

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