Thursday, August 5, 2010

torche/boris split 10

Didn't I already talk about torche, 10"s, and record nerds? Well the only way to up the anti then is to put out a split 10" with Boris(record nerds become turgid) on hyrdahead(record nerds start to throb). To really make the record nerd blast off, you could also release it simultaneously with a Melvins/Isis split record. Any self respecting record nerd will be running to american apparel to buy clean skivvies after that........... I think all this jizz talk is influence by reading the collected Touch and Go zine book. I apologize. Only issue with a record like this is-will it live up to the hype?
So about the music. Boris drop one sidelong jam that starts off with some blastbeating drums and trippy vocals before meandering back into standard boris territory-defined by hazy and hook filled riffing. It alternates between the washed out riffs and hyper drumming. Some of the guitar tones are almost like the Swirlies and then when you least expect it they hit the distortion pedals and bring in some classic pummeling to close it out.
Torche deliver a more reasonable 5 minute track. Sounds like Torche after a big handful of downers for the first couple of minutes then comes into focus for the grand finale.
Both bands seem to use the same formula on this-letting a song sort of form out of the rando riff jamming. Last minute of each track was my favorite.
Not essential, but you already bought it, so what are you going to do?

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