Friday, August 6, 2010

zoroaster matador cd

I guess I am on a pre-cross, record review tear here. Zoroaster's new CD Matador is a surprise hit. Wasn't too impressed with their first record and with the glut of doom bands to check out, I was lucky to overlook my initial underwhelming, and give their sophomore release a spin. This is the opposite of the sophomore slump. Heavy for sure, but with a variety of good grooves and some major helpings of riffing and shredding. I prefer my doom with an anti-social edge and this delivers.
My favorite track, Trident, is almost in the Monster Magnet camp.
This is a keeper and definitely going to go into the cross season road trip selections. Can't say that about many other doom-lords. Nothing worse than zoning out to some plodding repeto-riffs as you careen down 95 back from a race with a carload of smelly, sleepyheads......

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