Monday, March 26, 2007

3 45s from the Groove Merchant Label

2 45s from Jimmy McGriff and 1 form Reuben Wilson. This label seems to be full of former big names trying to make it through the 70s generally covering popular tunes of the day. These 45s may bear witness to that. First up is Jimmy McGriff covering the theme from "Shaft" B/W Al Green's "let's stay together" It's a quick romp through "let's stay together" once you take out the vocals. The theme from Shaft relies on a nice flute groove to move it along. Not bad, but not earth shaking.

McGriff is back again with mono/stereo take on "Stump Juice" is a funky workout with either a clavinet or heavily effected bass laying down the groove. Could be Jimmy got a hold of some new keyboard or effect. Breaks down into a nice horn groove and teeters right on the edge of porno/wah-wah parody, but is saved when the B3 kicks in followed by a nice Sax solo. This is the best track of the bunch.

Reuben Wilson drops War's "Cisco Kid" B/W "Groove Grease"(the title track to one of his Groove Merchant LPs) The War cover is well done and at 3:13 over pretty quick and good but not to memorable "groove grease" is the b-side. That is my biggest grip with this label. The artist and material are always good, but very rarely memorable or jaw dropping.

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