Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Iconoclast on Flipside Records

I knew Flipside put out a record by this band, but was not familiar with them. I vaguely thought they looked like Conflict, but they fell through the cracks for me. Flex Discog says this came out in 85.
"Battlefields/Thins of Beauty" is peace punk filtered through OC Goth/Deathrock (TSOL/Adolescents/45 Grave). Over the top and a little goofy 20 years later. Mid Tempo and brooding with some keyboards. "In these times" also brings to mind Beantown's Proletariat. The music is way more proto indie rock than Motorhate bombast. "Prisoner of Existence" is the track for the punx. A Conflict/Motorhead worthy rager.
"In these times" is the stand out track. Definitely a band pushing the boundaries of what "punk" sounded like in 85 -3 tracks, 3 different styles. Not bad.
Labels were on the wrong side on my copy-don't know if that was the case for the whole pressing. Got this for a quarter at Dynamite Records in Northampton. Not bad.

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Ur Trommler said...

i remember seeing the logo painted on thejacket of the first crusty punk i ever met - but never heard the band... this kid had his hair spiked up with soap ("just like GBH", he used to say) but did NOT know what else soap was for...