Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Cycling Action

SC Coppi-Bartali stage went to Robert Foster on a course that got shortened due to rain and cold. Several riders packed it in including Tyler. One more day for either Scarponi or Rogers to try and steal the top step from Luca Pierfelici.

Castilla y Leon wrapped up with the stage going to Ventoso and overall to Contador. 2 riders who are having break out seasons. Good race for Saunier Duval who got 2nd and 3rd overall as well as some stage wins with Ventoso. After these wins in shorter races the attention and pressure will probably fall onto Contador for a high placing in the Vuelta.........

Criterium International starts tomorrow and I will throw down an overall winners podium comprised of Shleck,Kloden, and Valjavec.

Same thing for the Belgian semi Classic E3... Everyone's favorite misfit VDB will be in the hunt. With Bettini and Boonen at the start this might herald the start of their competition for glory in the North. The domestics are stacked 100% Belgian and Dutch. This will be an interesting couple of weeks for Quickstep. If they overcome internal rivalries they will be tough to beat, if they don't they open the door to all the other teams. I say the podium will be Ballan,Boonen, and O'Grady(I am goint to keep betting on him. He has to win something this spring)

9 days til the Tour of Flanders and 16 til Paris Roubaix. Cancellara has ben quiet this season can he go again at PR? Boonen and Ballan have to be favorites. I still am pulling for a big win for Stuey O'Grady -if not one of the big 2 how about Ghent-Whelvegam? Bettini? Hard to say, but I don't think he will get Flander this year.
Props to Brad Huff who scored the first US medal in track racing in a longtime. Bronze in the Omnimum event.

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