Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This weeks races

In Europe Castilla y Leon opened yesterday with a ITT. I thought the time differences might be more severe, but the top 20 is within 30 seconds. Vladmir Karpets gets the win and Discovery has most of the team in the top 20, so a Disco vs Caisse D'Espargne battle seems likely. Karpets euro mullet must have acted as a fairing.
Ventoso from Saunier Duval got the stage but the top ten remains Caisse D'Espargne vs Discovery. Should remain a slugfest until it wraps on Friday.

Settimana Ciclistica kicked off with a split stage today. Pavel Brutt of Tinkoff takes the lead, but Lotto smoked the field in a TTT. Tyler is in the race barely, looks like he got dropped by the team during the TTT and is sitting . Maybe I take too much pleasure in his struggles to return to the pro peleton, but it could be reminiscent of when Giambi had to go off his special medicine for awhile and stunk... who knows. Weather was rough all day.

Criterium International and a couple Belgian races coming up later in the week.
12 days til Tour of Flanders
18 days til Paris Roubaix.........

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