Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dellie Hoskie Clown 45 on Noble

"How much can a man take" B/W "the clown" on Noble Records. Dellie Hoskie and Their Natural Selves. "How much can a man take" is a Otis style tearjerker ballad. "the clown" on the flip is a funkier dancer. Guitar is a little thin and the production is a little rough, but it all works. Killer track on the border of soul and funk. Both songs for some reason have a Rolling Stones feel to me. Originally from Connecticut(?), he appears to be in Virginia currently. Couldn't track down too much info. Buy it for the B-side alone and you should be happy. Track would have sounded at home on a Barnyard Soul comp.

His career was pretty low key and 30 years after this single he dropped a new album 3 years ago and had a site back then. A quick google search will indicate he was super active on message boards a few years ago hyping his album. Dellie says this track went Gold!

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