Friday, March 30, 2007

Skip Henderson 45 Cape Cod Country????

Found this one in the Goodwill and it was a quarter well spent. A country label from Hyannis? Skip Henderson and the Armarillo Band give you "Now is the time for leavin" B/W "Nashville Lights on Scrimshaw Records who have an excellent whale logo. Whales and country? Makes sense right? A side, is standard honky tonk heartbreak. An uptempo hit the road anthem. Vocals and harmonica overpower the music which chugs along competently. "Nashville Lights" is the story of guitar picker trying to make a living. Not terrible, but not memorable honky tonk fare. I would imagine they played a lot of covers where ever the played.
Neat record, good enough to make me stop by Bud's Country Lounge the next time I'm on the Cape and ask some old guy at the bar if Skip ever played there. If being the Cape's premier country bar isn't reason enough for you to go visit, remember they had at least one crucial hardcore show back in 85 or 86. You remember right? Crash Course/Ghoul Squad and the Freeze or was it Ganglion? You probably bought a copy of United Rights fanzine and skated the railroad track in the JiffyLube parking lot
This could trigger a whole series of Cape Cod Indy and private press releases. Well a series of at least one "live at Johnny Yees" album and maybe a "live at the lighthouse" by some other guy who played piano at a hotel bar in West Dennis.

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Anonymous said...

Wow , Ganglion , Crash Course etc. great bands.