Friday, April 27, 2007

Billy Childish Punk Rock at the British Legion Hall CD

Wild Billy Childish is back with the Musicians of the British Empire. 14 tracks of punk rock brilliance from this certified eccentric Englishman. After 30 years you should know what you are getting and what is amazing is how Childish keeps delivering.
He opens strong with "Joe Strummer's Grave" in which the punk godfather's name is used in a chorus raging against the consolidation of media.
Holly Golighty lends a hand on vocals on "Date with Doug" which is a catchy classic. He waits til track 7 "Walking off the Map" to remind us of his issues with his dad.
Song title of the week/month/year to date "Comb over Mod" lives up to its name with an instrumental rework of some classic surf rock riffs.
If Lungfish have been writing the same song for several albums, Billy has been writing a half dozen or so for the last few years and they are all here-and that is AOK with me.
If you have not seen the Billy Childish documentary that came out a few years ago, do yourself a favor and get it because in this case seeing behind the curtain makes the music that much more fun to listen to.

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