Thursday, April 26, 2007

Richard Hayman "Hare Krishna" 45 Krsna Rock #15

Richard Hayman dropped this 45 Hara Krishan b/w Magic Carpet Ride on Command/ABC records in Side A is an epic instrumental take on the Maha Mantra "Hare Krishna from Hair!" This is an over the top epic. Early synth driven orchestral madness mixed with a ham handed and funky delivery. Massive and clearly a corner stone of the up and coming Indian Cough Syrup mix tape.
The b-side is no slouch either, it takes one run through the chorus of the Steppenwolf classic and then launches on a orchestral synth lounge meander through territory unknown. The most recognizable part of the tune is slowed to a druggy slither that is worthy of some sampling. This is a must grab record. It has a really demented Cantina Band from Star Wars vibe. Command records was founded by Enoch Light and that probably explains the space age instrumentation. Richard Hayman, if this is the same dude, came to prominence as a harmonica player and was an arranger for the Boston Pops for 30 years. How square dudes dropped such a funky masterpiece is a mystery.
This is a serious lost gem.
Outside of name checking Krishna, it has very little in connection with the other records reviewed recently.

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