Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dunkin D

I never thought I would write this-especially with the obvious whipping boy of Starbucks out there, but Dunkin Donuts has been pissing me off.
1.This whole trend of people putting a styrofoam cup around their giant plastic bucket of ice coffee??? I am not Al Gore but what the fuck are these people thinking? How about get the size that you can drink before it gets warm and if you want more WALK YOUR FAT ASS back to the DD. Are they supposed to pack it in ice and shrink wrap it for you?
2. Since when has asking for a "black coffee" required answering the additional question "With sugar?". It's like some one changed the vocab and didn't tell me. I used to think this problem didn't go beyond Alston/Brighton, but I have heard it all over Mass.

And I am still waiting for the most obvious Red Sox/Dice-K promotion, when can I order a Dice Coffee? Come on summers coming.

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