Thursday, April 26, 2007

Foxy disco on 45 whoop whoop

The lifestyle that disco was a part of was so lame that under the spotlight of hindsight,it taints anythin associated with "disco" as lame. Everyonce in awhile a record so ridiculous it is sublime comes along and reminds you why disco was popular and why it still gets recycled today.
Got these 2 Foxy Singles on Dash Records "Get Off" b/w "You make me hot". "Get Off" is disco but it has a funky Vocoder edge with a Kool and the Gang vibe and argubly introduced the "Whoop,Whoop" vocal to the world. Male and Female vocalists sing about how we all need to get off. This is a hard to resist slice of disco especially with the chorus starts blazing. The flipside is not bad but fairly generic. It would be hard to surpass the "whoop whoop" war cry anthem.
"Devil Boogie" b/w "RRRock" is up next. Three years have passed since the "Get Off" 45 and the influence of the Travolat and the Gibbs is evidenced on these tracks. Not bad, but not mind blowing. They still retain a discoy Kool and the Gang feel.
"Devil Booogie" is he better of the 2 tracks.
It's hard to believe that disco was anything but coked out producer driven drivel for shitheads to dance to as they blew their pay checks at overpriced nite-klubs, but I was 7 when these 45s came out and if they came on at the roller rink (Cape Skate Hyannis Mass what) when I was doing my thing I would have been grooving
Some half hearted last minute research unearhted the factoid that Tito Puente's son played percussion in the group.

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