Monday, April 23, 2007

Michael Cassidy Nature's Secret Krsna Rock #14

Krsna rock #12 was a crucial point in my journey into being the world's leading expert on Krsna rock. Some dots started to connect and I was able to discover this record. Michael Cassidy is the common denominator between Golden Avatar and Progress-both on Sudarshan Records. There is a connection to Hansadutta. This record is on Golden Lotus Records(GL-1) Recorded in LA in 1977 falling in between Golden Avatar(76) and Progress(78) 10 songs.

The cover photo needs some serious analysis. A man in monk robes sitting peacefully in the woods with a bunny as a doe approaches him. The picture of serenity. Is that Mike in the robes looking like Mr.Spock? Even better their appears to be another pressing with an alternate cover-a painting rather than a photo.
As far as the music goes this may be my favourite of the Michael Cassidy productions. A little less produced than Golden Avatar. Serious keyboard fireworks are busted out on "Spirit of Reason". "Simple Living" is a nice pastoral ode to the good life that morphs into the Maha Mantra dueling with a guitar. The lyrics are full of Krishna imagery and thoughts. Catchy.
Once again, this is a record you will see listed as "acid folk" or "xian folk", and the cover could get you thinking that, but the music is above average west coast country rock to my ears.

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Michael Cassidy said...

I like your blog. Good luck with the Krishna Rock research.
Many answers in your quest will show up at > Music also Authorship

I'm happy to answer any questions.

All the best
Michael Cassidy