Friday, April 27, 2007

WCP catalog makes me mental

I love cycling, but I have limits. The most recent WCP catalog has some pretty unforgivable products. Assos has pushed the boundaries or price and taste for a long time, but this newest product innovation is amazing. 40 bucks for UV protection and protection from "summer chills"??? Please tell me you are kidding. They're not arm warmers, they are arm protectors..... Nice look on the model by the way.
Second on the firing line is this 400 dollar genital torture device. At least it is 110 grams lighter than its non carbon cousin. Ouch. How can that be comfortable?
Colorado Cyclist aren't off the hook either -Team Slipstream replica team gear. People debate the pros and cons of wearing pro team kit and I am not against it, but until I am getting a paycheck from Jonathan Vaughters, you will not see me rocking this nightmare or this. Imagine how nice it will look after a ride in the rain.


Tina said...

i love cycling but come on. arm warmers? gay.

Anonymous said...

A guy who works at CO Cyclist has a son that rides on the team. The argyle grows on you after awhile, I guess kinda like gay sex.