Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bone Awl 2x7"

Double seven inch from necro masters Bone Awl on Hospital Productions. 5 songs Graphics are killer-kind of off kilter primitive kind of cartoon meets wood cut or something.
Opens up with some feedback and than a brutal assault of over driven noise. Vocals are distorted and drown out a lot of the music. Guitar sound is not quite as brutal as I would have liked. The Production is pretty brutal-in a noise on noise necro four track way. The production is almost another instrument on "Vein" slathering noise onto the tracks and bleeding them all together. "Offering to Me" and "Black Kali Bride" are the 2 best tracks. "Offering..." has a nice breakdown to bass and drums that killer. This is not bad, but not up to the standard they set with the Meaningless Leaning Mess" LP. Hospital Productions threw this out in a limited run (300 and something?). Seems like a lot of non metal dudes are putting out metal records. I guess everyone was teenage metal head, but who knows.... The double 7" format is a pain in the ass as well, but no matter what this is a fucking great band who deliver a powerful style of raging, primitive black metal. These guys mine that Necro metal vein where at times the lines between Venom/Hellhammer and Punk or Crust get a little blury. That isn't a bad thing.

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N. said...

The Most Exciting Item
for quite some time!
Bone Awl produces the
next step through those
morbose lovecraft stories!