Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dan Higgs 10"

Another transmission from the mind of Dan Higgs. Lathe cut 10" packaged in green paper sleeve that resembles an old 78. It costs a hell of a lot more than most old 78s, but it you are a Higgs disciple you will cue up without complaint. Got mine from Aquarius don't know who else has them.
Side 1 is "Armageddon Lullabye". Some of Higg's Appalachian Raga guitar work. This is a massive slice of music that could get trapped as acid-folk, psych, drone, whatever. This is what would be playing at the mythical record store you stumble upon that has every record you want at a price you can afford/
Side 2 "Recitation" is spoken word tour of Higg's world view. Sounds like him in a room with a tape recorder. Spinning his unique intertwined story line of science and religion. Like some odd gnostic gospel. Intense and quotable. Not unlike the lungfish song "Creation Story" minus the music.
Interesting that he drops one side no vocals and one side only vocals. Always something to try and interpret or read into with Mr.Higgs.
If you don't want to throw down for this item hold tight, Thrill Jockey have a record and book coming out by him in June that should be easier to find and more affordable.
As a side note, the whole "lathe cut" record scene is generally a dingbat backwater that I try to stay away from and under other circumstances might have ended this up in the annoyances section, but Mr.Higgs can record on wax cylinders if he wants to and I won't be complaining.

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