Friday, May 11, 2007

Coffins/Otesanek split LP

Nice gatefold lp on Parastic Records. Cover is some dark demented shit. Layout is good and the vinyl is heavy duty. Otesanek drop one side long track, "Narcotic Hues" that opens slow with some drones and low screaming. Once it kicks in, they drop some heavy Burning Witch/Grief type of slow sludge. 3 guys doing vocals so they're some grunts and screams. Tortured, slow heaviness that trudges along as if the band had to pull the weight of the world along with them as they played. If Aquarius was reviewing this there would be at least 10 "O"s in DOOOM. or extras "L"s in SLLLUDGE. A twisted journey, but not one I will take again soon or too often.

Coffins drop 3 tracks including a cover of Goatlord's "acid orgy". Doom mixed with Hellhammer worship from these Japanese "former members of" masters. Super heavy guitars, powerful production. Vocals are a gutteral shout-kind of crusty. These guys deliver. Check out their other cds.

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Anonymous said...

there's also a women screaming with Otesanek.