Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I am Barillo

So Basso "confesses". He admits to "attempting to dope"??? He beat the runner up in the Giro (who was doped) by 9 minutes and the rest of the field by 11 clean??? Right. That one didn't work to good for Dario Frigo a few years ago, but whatever. His defense is reminiscent of the whole "It depends on what your definition of is is" defense of former president Clinton. Legally sound but bankrupt to common sense. Not too many posts ago, I said I would be OK with guys who admitted to doping, took their bans and came back -Millar for example and if Basso serves his suspension and comes back I won't complain too much-especially since he will be racing things like the Peace Race in Poland for 2 years. But his "confession" is pretty fucking weak. It is pulling a Musseew and trying to protect some of his victories. They are tainted. Just admit it.
I am going to say it again, if you want to get rid of dopin, fine and ban the teams, DS's, and sponsors. If the holding company for a team got banned, how quickly would the title sponsor sue them out of existence? Cycling needs to introduce a system like relegation in soccer (football...) and kick out the drugged teams. As soon as you introduce a little USA style punitive damages justice by lawsuit, you could have this situation all sorted out.
I want an honest race. I don't care if it is slower than the past. Shorten the stages whatever. I still don't think I could ride everyday for 3 weeks over those distances-even if you cut them in half. A clean peleton of pro's would still be faster than me so I don't need them doped as well.

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