Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Jim Jones Vocal Style

I can't lie, I have been a longtime hater of cam'ron and dipset. Cam's vocal styles remind me of a mentally challenged ghostface. Always sounded like a rambling crack baby to me and was evidence that Jonathan Kozol was right about how fucked up the education system is/was. I can't get down with people who keep "rhyming" the same word. My attitude has been changed over the last years, by the fully focused efforts of the Still Listen to Gangsta Music website.
Jim Jones and "We Fly High" was what got me and its the Capo's unique delivery that got me thinking. He is his own back up and hype man. He acts like a commentary track in a DVD on his own songs- or like footnotes. Now I am not trying to say he is on some TS Eliot shit with the footnotes in "The Wasteland", but it is some next level unintentional post-modern shit. And no, I will not extend that courtesy to Cam'ron if you suggest his verse is like James Joyce.
Dipset was good business move that after a trunk full of unlistenable mixtapes, have finally hit on something I like. And what I am saying I like, pay attention, are the vocal stylings of JJ, not the music which is pretty fucking weak and not the rest of the Dipset. So go peep the STLTGM site and check the Jim Jones "Lockdown" video. Jimmy takes his shit to the next level with his "history lesson" backing tracks.

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