Friday, May 18, 2007

Dick Gomes Songs of Praise LP Cape Cod Records#2

Dug this out from under a sewing machine in the back of an antique coop in Dennis. Would have put it back if not for my desire to compulsively document Cape Cod related records. 10 songs of Gospel praise nurtured in the West Harwich Trinity Church (typo'd on the back as West Hartford). Executive Produced by a retired lawyer who probably harbored aspirations of being a big time record man.
This record will not be turning up anytime soon on my turntable and is only getting mentioned as part of the Cape Cod Records series. This is basically some midpaced gospel with hockey rink organs. Don't want to make you jealous, but this is an autographed copy, and yes the autograph is located in Dick's ample collar. More installments on the way......including one that might be good! Stay tuned Cape people.

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