Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sat Cycling Notes

Tour of Picardie first stage goes to Barloworld's Robbie Hunter with Fabrizio Guidi in second. Slipstream are contesting this race and their best place rider was Taylor Tolleson in 40th. This is a 4 stage race with the last day being a split stage. Even if it is ranked a 2.1 Nick Nuyens and Leif Hoste are both racing!
Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt wraps up tomorrow.
No surprises at the Giro today, a sprinter stage was won by Pettachi. Hushovd in 2nd must be recovered from his crash and Bettini got third after Quickstep did most of the work to bring back the break.
T-Mobile turn what looked like a trainwreck into another day in the maglia rosa. Pinotti might be able to hold it until Thursday, but the road to Briancon that day should heavily rearrange the GC.

Not to beat a dead horse but Floyd is proving to be a total scum bag and I wonder how he can look his family in the face. Check O'Grady's Foaming Rant for a view I agree with on this subject. I have been suprised by how many idiots have been trashing LeMond and making light of this abuse story on the Velonews forum. The Velonews forun used to be one of the best boards for cycling tech questions and getting good info. Now it pretty much blows and is usually OT on some politics and bullshit.
Gotta drop another great cycling quote I saw on the site. MTB Adam Craig race a single speed in a race and dropped this nugget,"That was some getting in shape..."

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