Monday, May 14, 2007

Jabladav Dead as Duck CDR

Aquarius records rarely runs short of off-kilter super limited black metal releases to hype and that is how this record came to my attention. Black Metal with a Black Flag influence? Obvious nod to SF's Weakling. All right, I will bite. First track on this 14 track CDR (limited to 100!) hits hard. Production is strong and the drums are pounding away. In fact the bass and drum work have a real post punk feel(Chicago style not English). The 2nd track starts to show the SST or Black Flag influence(maybe in the vein of Left Insane. Some of the tracks have the feel of the heavy intro track that so many late 80s early 90s hardcore bands felt compelled to drop(at least in Boston). Guitar is heavy with an about to blow practice amp kind of overdriven quality. The odd keyboard blasts are unique and seem kind of disjointed. Vocals are a twisted rasp low in the mix. Song titles show a sense of humor running underneath it all ("burzenjoinem" and "ginn kin" for example") This is black metal but with a lot of other influences lurking in the background and occasionally making there presence felt.
I guess this is the work of one man down in Boone NC. Not surprisingly he/they have a myspace page.

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Many thanks for the kind words,great taste/knowledge in music!