Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mid Week Cylcing News

DiLuca scores big and Liquigas flexed some muscle today, but for me the big news was in Germany where Sergej Lagutin scored a huge win for Navigators in International Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt. This is also a huge win for Uzbekistan. Tashkent stand up!
Back to the Giro, Bettini crashed again today in Stage 4 and lost 5 minutes. Curse of the rainbow jersey???? He had an awesome quote about not judging his season til after the tour of lombardy-so you know the cricket will keep fighting.
Riccardo Ricco had a great day and is continuing to push to the next level. Telekom has lost 2 riders and it looks like their trip to Italy will be a big waste. Despite DiLucas move today, the decisive stages are still a ways away. No surprise to see Pavel Brutt in a breakaway. Tinkoff is going to have to do something to get out of Tyler's shadow.
Tomorrow's stage looks like one for the sprinters but a climb about 15K from the finish could give a breakaway some hope and at the least keep it interesting.
I am hesitant to discuss Landis's last ditch arbitration move, but the incompetent translator is worth a mention. WTF? Wouldn't you check if the translator could speak French before this thing started?
One final bitch, cycling magazines seem barely able to keep up with the fast breaking doping news. The most recent VeloNews has a Tyler's back column that is already pointless and Pro-Cyling's Giro cover story is on Basso. Ouch.

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