Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tinkoff and more cycling news of the wierd.

"He's suspended now," Tinkov continued. "The situation is so complex, with the media, the police. We just want to support these young beautiful Russian guys. We don't have to have those negative stories anymore."
The above quote is from the Velonews site. Is there a not-creepy way to interpret the young beautiful Russians guy thing? I am at a loss.
No matter how creepy he may be, he has the team riding like he is holding their families hostage. Tomorrow's stage should favor a breakaway and I can only hope Pavel Brutt is up to the challenge.
Hamitlton has some BS posted on his site about being confused. He might be the last guy to find out his "career" is over. He needs to shut it down and just hang out with his dogs.
The Landis hearing took another twist into bizarro world. Landis and his crew are some serious scum bags if this is true.
Today's stage ended in a rough and tumble sprint and I could hear Paul Sherwin talking about the old "Argy-Bargy" as I followed the race online.

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