Thursday, May 31, 2007

James Booker Cool Turkey b/w Gonzo 45

A Peacock 45. Some organ driven instro's by New Orleans Legend James Booker-otherwise known as the dude with the ill eye patch. Mid Tempo with a modish Booker T feel. Veers a little towards hockey rink hooks on "Cool Turkey", but the bluesier guitar and bass keep it cooking-organ is actually king of low in the mix. "Gonzo" has an ill flute groove and has a laid back summer time kind of groove. Definitely the winner. Booker played keys for a veritable who's who of blues,R&B, and soul.Discography here.
If you are a fan of organ grooves, check this crucial article at the Funky 16 Corners site.
An effigy of James is carried every year at Mardi Gras by the Krewe of OAK. That is an amazing memorial.
In a city of musicians who were pretty extreme, James Booker may have set the standard.

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