Saturday, June 2, 2007

Wolfmangler Dwelling in a Dead Raven.....CD

On paper this looked like a winner. "Dwelling in a Dead Raven for the Glory of Crucified Wolves" is the title. Crazy album cover. Obsession with Wolf titled release. Polish misanthrope playing "improvised doomy black metal with classical instruments", "compost with a grudge", or "death folk" or whatever outsider metal cliche that got strung together. Aurora Borealias is the label. 6 songs recorded in Texas. Bass(multiple),drums, flute, and trombone provide the back drop to the whispered, mumbled, and growled vocals(with lyrics mostly borrowed from some non metal sources)
Wolfmangler are a unique experience. Black metal Tom Waits? It has the off kilter slow marching band pacing that Waits has used. You could imagine hearing this playing as a barbarian horde approached your village in a thick fog. Brooding, obscured trouble.

There is also an odd sense of humor at play. The first song is called "Dirge for a Viking Asshole"... Is it a jab at the whole Graveland Medieval scene or declaration of Polish pride? Either way this is some cinematic shit that is not comparable to any other bands I can think of.

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