Tuesday, May 29, 2007

King Coleman Lookey Dookey Parts one and two 45

This R&B rocker is a scorcher. No bells and whistles just get down and do it rock. Must have been juke box classic in all the scary bars. Dade Records. Has a Frat House meets Screaming Jay Hawkins vibe. Some good R&B. Part 2 has more vocals and a good sax solo. His other singles have appeared on comps like Pow City, Savage Kicks, Talkin Trash and All night soul stomp. That should give you an idea of the type of killer tunes he delivers.
Discography here.
And you know he is alive and kicking and on >myspace!
Be warned he is down with Blowfly!
This record and several other 45s(check picture#2) to be reviewed in the coming days come courtesy of the hardest working garage sale master in the Brighton Area. Thanks for first crack at this score!

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