Friday, June 1, 2007

Giro comes to and end and other race news

An awesome Giro this year, some real aggressive tactical racing. DiLuca should have it in the bag(fingers always crossed). Ricco and Shleck showed the strength of the next generation and Simoni,Peipoli, Mazzoleni,Brushegin, and Noe showed the old gaurd would not go quietly. It all comes down to the las day TT, but unless someone has an epic malfunction the podium is all set(maybe with a2/3 shuffle) Today is Tinkoff's last chance for a stage win. Expect some breakaways.
My only complaint about this race is what did Bougyes,FDJ, or AG2r bring to the table? What if you had selected Unibet instead? A team with something to prove. Imagine the fireworks with Unibet and Tinkoff gunning for it everyday.
Have to say it again, Liquigas and Lampre are having amazing seasons.
Milram get double stage wins at Bayern with Zabel and at the Giro with Pettachi- a lot of broken bikes at the finish after yesterday's stage.
Gorik Gardeyn got stage 2 at the Tour of Belguim. American Tyler Farrar was in third-showing himself at the head of the race for a second day. He is in 6th overall.
Chadwick got the stage at Mt.Hood yesterday. Ben Jacques-Maynes holds the overall lead. Today's stage is an 18 mile ITT.
Commerce Triple Crown kicks off this weekend (Lancaster,Reading, and Philly) Strange not to have Philly be for the US Champ, but times change. Awesome races with a decent Euro presence. JJ Haedo will be there looking to make up for a lackluster Giro debut.

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